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Hi, for the source you provided with your projects, what open source license are they released under?

If you want ideas about possible licenses for gbcompo, you can check:

Here: And here:

Thank you very much for your comment, I haven't done this yet. Is it enough to check the license in the metadata / release info section of the game page? I did.

Yes, since you are indicating that it applies to the source as well it should be sufficient.

Thank you!

The music is very catchy haha.  Fun game!

Thanks! I'm glad you got pleasure!

¿esta es la versión final?

Sí, siempre hago una última. :)

Amigo deverdad me gustaría ver un pack con las roms q has hecho para añadirlos a mi colección de juegos retro en formato roms

nice,I enjoyed this!

Thank you very much. Did you complete the level 10 ? :)

Not yet!