This is a homebrought game, run on Gameboy Color. Original version: Microdeal. Commodore 16/Plus4, 1985. Created with GB-Studio 2.0.0 beta5 by László Rajcsányi (WLS)

Also available for download in .CIA format for the Nintendo 3DS virtual console!

The object of the game is to collect the various objects on each screen and get out of the top again while avoiding the guards. You will have 5 Cuthberts to start. Each object you pick up will increase your score (100 points). You will also receive a time bonus for completing a sheet quickly (100 points for every sign). You start with 6 bombs. These can be laid, one at a time, by pressing the "A" button. Once laid, they can be detonated by pressing "A" for a second time. These will destroy the guard, but not You! You can pick it up with no harms. An extra bomb is awarded for each sheet completed, but maximum of 6 bombs you have.
The Goal: Earn 10.000 points! Good luck!

Start the gameStart key
Up/Down, Left/Right: Cursor Keys
Place bomb, Detonate: A

Start the gameEnter 
Up/Down, Left/Right: Arrow Keys
Place bomb, Detonate: Z or Alt

You can download the ROM file of the game from the WLS website!

Release date Jun 26, 2021
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorRajcsányi László (WLS)
Made withGB Studio
Tagsc16, commodore, Game Boy, gbc, gb-studio, gbstudio, lacoste, nintendo, Retro


Cuthbert in the Cooler GBC (WLS).cia 3 MB


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Yoo this is awesome.