This is a homebrought game, run on Gameboy Color. A game by: László Rajcsányi -  Wilds, 2022. Created with GB-Studio 2.0.0-beta5 !

Also available for download in .CIA format for the Nintendo 3DS virtual console! 

Meet Hugo. Hugo is a collector who decides to get local currency from every country. To do this, you have to travel to 9 different countries, but beware, because no one in those countries likes to take their money. Help Hugo in this difficult mission.

Interesting facts about the game:

-The idea of the game was inspired by another work starting on jam, please also check it out: Astro Quest

-I don't know for sure, but this may be the first GBC game in which you can choose Hungarian language.

Start the gameStart
Move: Cursor Keys
Switching between areas: A 

Start the game: Enter
Move: Arrow Keys
Switching between areas: Z

You can download the ROM file of the game from the WLS website!

Release date Apr 17, 2022
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorRajcsányi László (WLS)
Made withGB Studio
TagsGame Boy, gameboy-color, gbc, Retro, wls


Hugo GBC (WLS).cia 3 MB

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