This is a homebrought game, run on Gameboy Color. Original version: Julian Gollop - Target Games. ZX Spectrum, 1988. Created with GB-Studio 2.0.0 beta5!

Laser Squad is a turn-based tactics war game where the player completes objectives. The Gameboy version is similar to the original game only in terms of track and characters, a completely rethought version where our mission is to kill 12 enemy forces. You can choose from two levels and both have the same task.

Also available for download in .CIA format for the Nintendo 3DS virtual console!

Start the gameStart
Move: Cursor keys  
Quick access to characters: Select
Fire: A
Save: Start
Information: B

Start the game: Enter
Move: Arrow keys  
Quick access to characters: Shift
Fire: Z, Alt
Save: Enter
Information: X, Ctrl

You can download the ROM file of the game from the WLS website!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorRajcsányi László (WLS)
GenreRole Playing
Tagscommodore, Game Boy, gbc, Turn-based Strategy, ZX Spectrum


Laser Squad Alter GBC (WLS).cia 4 MB


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Having played quite a lot of the original Laser Squad, I was not mentally prepared for BATTLE TIME but man if I didn't have a big goofy grin on my face when it happened. Great work on this.


Thank you very much. Yes, it's a completely different version, it's really just the graphics that are similar, the gameplay is different, but I'm glad you tried it.