This is a homebrought game, run on Gameboy Color. Original version: D R Gamon - Magnificent 7 Software Ltd. - Alternative Software Limited. Commodore 16/Plus4, 1986. Created with GB-Studio 2.0.0 beta4!

Also available for download in .CIA format for the Nintendo 3DS virtual console!

Original Story:
The Anconian Fleet draws near and only one things stands between them and the annihilation of mankind. Can you meet this threat, or will you be trampled beneath the onslaught of the alien ships! You must use your ion cannon to destroy the gun emplacements and enemy ships. Flying through the pulsating enemy fuel tunnels on the surface of the motherships will boost your fuel supply. Once you reach the reactor, you must blast through two regenerating force fields and a shielding wall to start  the meltdown. Your Liberator strike craft is fuelled and ready - prepare to intercept!

Controls on original machine:

Start the gameA or B
Up/Down: Cursor UP, Cursor DOWN
Speed up: Cursor RIGHT
Slow Down: Cursor LEFT
Fire: A or B

Controls in the browser:

Start the game: Z or X, Alt or Ctrl
Up/Down: Arrow UP, Arrow DOWN
Speed up: Arrow RIGHT
Slow Down: Arrow LEFT
Fire: Z or X, Alt or Ctrl

Original game (Commodore 16/Plus4 ) link:

Release date May 03, 2021
AuthorRajcsányi László (WLS)
Made withGB Studio
Tagsc16, commodore16, Game Boy, gbc, gbstudio, gb-studio, lacoste, plus4, Retro


Liberator GBC (WLS).gbc 256 kB
Liberator GBC (WLS).cia 3 MB


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Yes, You're right! Unfortunately in the original game as well, but the fight goes to point hunting. :)

really liked the boss fight and the vertical scrolling of the level. if you stick to the bottom you get through the level quite easy btw :P

Quite hard one!
Just like most Commodore games lol.