This is a homebrew game, run on Gameboy DMG. Original version: Paul Jenkinson. ZX Spectrum, 2018 ( Created with GB-Studio 2.0.0 beta5! Music by Victor Valdez (

As part of an exclusive team, you are sent into the deserts of ancient Egypt in search of vast treasures. Although you are happy to assist the boffins and their research, for you the aim of the trip is to make money.

During a quiet day, you trek into the nearby desert carrying your ROVR unit. The Remote Operated Vehicle for Recovery is ideal to get into tight passages and narrow halls, and even better to grab the treasure that may be within.

Your ROVR unit is equipped with a diamond drill, able to drill into certain rocks if required, so any debris should not be a problem.

The unit can carry only one item at a time and has a limited charge. This can be replenished once you setup the drop point.

Your luck must be in as you soon locate a small entrance above a large chamber. Slowly you lower the ROVR into place, setup the drop point and pick up your video controller.

Controlling the ROVR, you must locate and return any treasure back to the drop point in order to complete your task, get rich and live the life of a millionaire.

Also available for download in .CIA format for the Nintendo 3DS virtual console!

Move: Cursor keys
Drill: A
Reset: Start     

Move: Arrow keys
Drill: Z
Reset: Enter


Original game link (Spectrum Computing)

You can download the ROM file of the game from the WLS website!

Release date Mar 10, 2023
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorRajcsányi László (WLS)
Made withGB Studio
Tagsdmg, egypt, Game Boy, gb, gb-studio, Retro, wls, ZX Spectrum


ROVR GB (WLS).cia 3 MB


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Thanks for using my music!
So happy!
Will give your game a proper try!


I thank you for the opportunity to use your music, I searched a lot for what would go with it, when I couldn't use the original and yours fits the mood perfectly, I think.

As always, another great WLS release! After playing your version I also tried out the original ZX Spectrum version and I'm amazed  how well you've managed to adapt it in DMG.

I am curious though, in the original ZX Spectrum version, the ROVR unit can move diagonally, but not in yours. Is that a limitation of developing it in Game Boy Studio?

Thanks! No, you could also move diagonally with an engine modification in GBStudio, I did it, but I noticed that when moving sideways, it doesn't detect the bumpers well and you can get stuck on a track, so I removed it. It's a shortcoming compared to the original, but maybe it doesn't spoil the game experience that much.

Doesn't spoil the experience at all. I was just curious :) Thanks again for a great game.